Nicole Wilson, from Musical Orbit, interviews me this time, as pianist, performance coach and creator and the host of this interview series. It’s rather nice to get on the other side of the camera and share my complete passion for this topic and the different ways I hope to support musicians.

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Charlotte Tomlinson is a performance coach, pianist, teacher and chamber music coach who over a number of years has developed a holistic approach for helping musicians manage performance anxiety, move on from repetitive strain injury (RSI) along with rebuilding their relationship with their instrument after difficult experiences.  These have been developed largely from her own experience of teaching and performing, along with a strong background in personal growth, psychology and trainings in different bodywork techniques.

She has performed and broadcast internationally as a duo pianist and chamber musician. She taught at the Purcell School for 11 years, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and the University of Hong Kong.  The international chamber music course she founded and directed for 8 years from 2000, was considered to be one of the best of its kind in Europe. Sir Simon Rattle said of it: “a stimulating and visionary course – I think it’s wonderful!” In 2016, she will be coaching on the Norfolk Chamber Music Program (Yale University) and will be touring Universities and Conservatoires in South East Asia.

Charlotte is the creator and host of the renowned Beyond Stage Fright video interview series in which she has interviewed 43 top international musicians about how they manage performance stress. She was interviewed herself by BBC TV Proms Extra in August 2015, as an expert in Performance Anxiety and for an American documentary, Composed, which will be released in the US in 2016. Her book, Music from the Inside Out, (2012) discusses all the issues that can get in the way of musicians performing at their peak.

“Charlotte’s insight into my performance anxiety problems was amazing – after only a couple of sessions she’d nailed the causes, and we immediately got stuck into working together to resolve them – hard work sometimes, but we had fun too, and the results have been completely worth it!”

Anthony L. Pianist

“Her technique concentrates on the person and their individual strengths and weaknesses.  By a gentle and unthreatening process, she coaxes remarkable changes in each subject’s performing skills.  I would not have believed it if I had not witnessed it myself. This was certainly one of the best ESTA masterclasses that I can remember.”

John Shaylor, Chairman of ESTA

“The talk was utterly inspiring and the master class that followed gave me so much to think about. Finally, I had practical solutions, which really worked and allowed me to play as well as I know I can.”

Music undergraduate, Oxford University

“The students themselves were thrilled with the event! The masterclass after the talk was spot on and she really tuned right in to their issues and what they needed in the moment. Very intuitive indeed!”  

International Piano Academy of Ireland

“I can honestly say that without Charlotte’s help, I wouldn’t be playing now. She moved me through a serious case of tendonitis at a critical stage of my education. She helped me let go of the pain, by showing me how to play the piano with freedom and helping build up the right muscle memory so I could apply it on my own. I have never had the pain since and I can play for hours without getting tired. She really knows her stuff and is fantastic at getting it across!”

Kit Downes, Jazz pianist